(EXPLAINED) Benefits of Content Writing For Your Business

Benefits of Content Writing For Your Business
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Website traffic is the lifeblood of your business online.

The more visitors you attract and funnel to your offer, the more likely you are to generate customers.

But the value of great content for your business goes far beyond just generating customers.

In fact, content creation produces some of the best returns on your marketing investment (even better than ads).

In this post, we’ll look at the 7 main benefits of content writing for your business.

7 Benefits of Content Writing For Your Business

Here’s a quick summary of the benefits of writing awesome blog posts:

  1. Search engine traffic
  2. Growing your email list
  3. Remarketing to visitors
  4. Sharing on social media
  5. Answer customer queries
  6. Overcome objections
  7. Increase your business value

Creating content for your business is one of the highest-value activities you can do with your marketing budget.

Let’s look at each of these benefits in more detail.

#1 Search Engine Traffic

Optimizing your content for search engines like Google and Bing creates a constant flow of inbound traffic to your website.

It’ll keep doing this for as long as your website is running or someone outranks you in the SERPs (search engine results page).

Unlike ads that require ongoing investment, you only need to invest in a piece of content once – which is when you actually create it.

Search engine optimization has the added benefit of attracting high buyer-intent traffic.

Meaning, the people coming to your website are actually searching for a solution to their problem.

Which is the perfect time to introduce your unique solution, converting them into a customer.

#2 Growing Your Email List

Now that you’re attracting visitors you know need your solution, you don’t want them to leave without capitalizing on the opportunity.

Since you’ll only realistically convert a small portion of visitors into customers, your goal should be to get as many of them onto your email list as possible.

Once they’ve given you their email address, you can keep marketing to them until they’re ready to come on board.

The beauty of growing your email list this way is knowing you’re only spending time trying to convert people who already need what you’re offering.

In marketing terms, these are known as warm leads.

#3 Remarketing To Visitors

Once again, not all visitors are going to convert or sign up to your email list.

This is where remarketing ads come in handy.

Ad platforms like Google and Facebook can track visitors who’ve been to your website.

Showing them your ads across the internet whenever possible in an attempt to bring them back to your offer page.

This is a great way of optimizing your budget because you’re no longer running ads to a cold audience.

Rather, you’re advertising to an audience who knows your brand and is looking for a solution to a problem you can solve.

#4 Sharing on Social Media

You probably already have a few social media accounts set up for your business, like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

Like most businesses, you’re probably stuck wondering what to share to keep them active and grow your social media following.

Well, content once again comes to the rescue.

Not only can you regularly share your blog posts on social media, giving your accounts some much-needed life.

But the content you share will show off your business’s expertise, building authority and credibility in your follower’s eyes.

#5 Answer Customer Queries

How often do you get the same questions from customers?

Now instead of constantly having to repeat yourself, simply send them a well-written article answering the question in more detail than they would expect.

This saves you valuable time and impresses your customer all in one go.

Your blog often functions as a permanent knowledge base, where customers can quickly find answers to important questions they might have.

So next time you get the same question, send a link to a killer blog post.

#6 Overcome Objections

Your blog not only serves as a valuable resource for your customers, but it works great for overcoming prospect objections too.

You’re able to easily and effectively answer questions people have even before signing up to your product or service.

Or use them while communicating with your prospect to impress them enough to believe you’re capable of solving their problems.

Either way, you’re showing your potential customers you know what you’re talking about and that’s why they should trust you.

#7 Increase Your Business Value

One of the main benefits of building a blog using SEO (search engine optimization) is the value it brings to your business.

Not only does it have all the benefits I’ve just mentioned for your business, but the automated inbound traffic it’s extremely valuable to potential investors.

It’s not uncommon to see websites utilizing SEO selling for 30x or even 40x their monthly turnover.

Knowing you have a library of resources attracting high-value traffic to your website can skyrocket your business’s value.


As I mentioned before, writing content for your business is one of the highest-value activities you can do.

It’s something every business should be doing in a world where everyone is using search engines to find solutions to their problems.

By providing visitors value from the start in the form of high-quality content (like this article you’re reading right now), you get the opportunity of showing off your expertise even before a potential customer contacts you.

Unfortunately, creating quality content takes a lot of time, and this is often why most businesses don’t do it.

That’s why Writer exists: To create content for busy founders like yourself.

Get in touch today and let’s get your content strategy going as soon as possible.

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